Trufan Announces New Bring Your Own Data Model

TORONTO — Leading audience analytics company Trufan announced on Friday that it is changing its reporting process to a new “Bring Your Own Data” model, empowering marketers and influencers to take control of how and when their data is being used.

To use this new feature, users will log into their Instagram account, navigate to their “Privacy and Security” settings, and request their data download. Instagram will then provide them with a ‘.json’ file containing the usernames of all of their followers. Once that list is obtained, a user can then upload the file to SocialRank and run their audience report. This report will enrich the data provided, matching a majority of usernames in the user’s report to our database of over 1,500,000,000 profiles.

These reports traditionally process at 1 million profiles per day but with this new solution, reports now process at a whopping 1 million profiles per hour. “I’m super amped about our new way of running data for customers,” said Trufan CEO Swish Goswami. “It’s going to make data processing faster and more affordable for customers while being strongly aligned with our core principle: everyone should have the right to derive value from their data.”

What you can do with your own data remains largely unchanged. You’ll still be able to sort followers in order of value or follower count, and segment audiences with filters or comparisons. That being said, this new model does bring some changes to the platform. Requests for influencer, partner or competitor follower data that users cannot access directly through Instagram will no longer be part of our service. However, we will continue to offer all of the following features:

  • Running or refreshing follower reports for any public audience on Twitter
  • Unlimited audience library search to view existing market intel reports SocialRank
  • Cerebro for database discovery and influencer identification
  • Lists, filters, comparisons, folders, and dynamic summary insight

Trufan’s CGO Scott Berty had this to say of the changes: “This new solution was made with our customers and users in mind. Although it changes our offering, the value for influencers and brands out there who seek to understand more about their audience on Instagram is undeniable.”

With the new change comes updated pricing — Trufan’s paid plans will now start at $9.99/month with Premium and Enterprise Tiers also available. Join SocialRank today to take control of and enhance your own data.

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